New Bus Bench Install – Fresh Look

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New bus benches are being installed in and around our neighborhood…a welcome replacement to those tired, dirty, uncomfortable, brown-plastic benches that have been the standard for more than 10 years. The old benches – formerly maintained by Norman Bench Advertising – have been essentially abandoned since mid-August of 2011 when the city chose not to renew the contract with Norman. As a result of the delay , many of the benches have become sitting targets for graffiti and grime.

The new look is welcome. The shiny green metal benches look like they belong in a lush park – a pleasant place to sit while waiting for the bus. Of course, they are still just seats with mini-billboards along the seat back. And the premium seating often comes with a dose of exhaust fumes…

The new company is managing the benches and their advertising is Martin Outdoor Media.

Let’s hope the “park look” holds up for a long time…less graffiti, less dirt, more comfort – all while being a bit more functional. I remember when the old benches came out – their claim to fame was the 3-section seating that prevented anyone from stretching out for a nap. That is still accomplished in the new design while also eliminating the pooling of dirt and water via the slats.

Look for new benches in your section of the neighborhood over the coming weeks!

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