The Swarm

Los Angeles Garden Tour and Party Includes Lecturer C. Darren Butler, Ecological Landscape Designer

A special feature of the LA Garden Tour and Party is guest lecturer C. Darren Butler, ecological designer/horticulturist. Butler is known for his work in designing low-maintenance “food forests” in residential landscapes. For Butler, a productive garden begins and ends with the eco-system that exists in the soil. He’ll discuss things each of us can do on our own to maximize the health and abundance of our soil – and as a result, our gardens.

Levitated Mass – Video Updates

There’s something about the thought of the 340-ton rock making it’s way across 22 cities – at 8 miles an hour – to get to it’s new home on the Miracle Mile that is kind of intriguing…it is a massive endeavor (in more ways than one). We’ll post various videos related to the rock’s transport in our video player each day…check in over the course of the next 10 days to see what we find!