The Swarm

Lana Del Rey at Amoeba Music

You can catch Lana Del Rey in person at Amoeba Music on Tuesday, February 7th at 6p. Amoeba is famous for their free in-store concerts…you can get there early since there’s plenty to keep you busy with the best music collection in the world at your finger-tips! [Read more…]

Discovery: The Craft and Folk Art Museum

Miracle Mile is no longer a ghost canyon – a place where people go for one thing and one thing only. For me, it used to be that the area was just a destination for work, LACMA or the occasional trip to the Ralphs at Hauser. The area was just not all that walk-able because there was very little to be had in the in-between. The area has blossomed…[Read more…]

Art Show: Mr. Brainwash Christmas Day

Looking for something to do with out of town guests? Something to send the rest of the house full of family out to do while you put the finishing touches on a Christmas dinner? Or just something to do with the kids to add a little culture to their life? There’s a Christmas Day event that on any other day would probably be impossible to get into…