7.1 Earthquake Felt Across the City

Screenshot of pool water splashing up after yesterday’s 7.1 earthquake

Friday evening’s 7.1 Ridgecrest earthquake definitely caused a stir in the neighborhood, with lots of residents feeling the temblor that struck at 8:16 pm on July 5. It was particularly noticeable to those of us who live in wood frame houses, which tend to sway and creak. It was loud and long at our house and caused lots of wave action in our pool.

Buzz co-publisher Liz Fuller also caught video of the motion at her house in the West Adams area:

Luckily, although unnerving (some of our friends are reporting scary flashbacks to the 1994 Northridge quake), this one wasn’t strong enough to do any major damage in the LA area…but it is a very good reminder to update our emergency supplies and preparedness plans, and/or to sign up for an LAFD Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) session.


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