Attempted Burglary on June Street Thwarted


Friday evening a resident on the west side of the 600 block of S. June Street came home to find a man standing in her back yard. The intruder had apparently opened the back door of the house at the same time the resident entered through the front door and was deactivating the alarm. Once Dr. Susie Mandel saw the intruder, she set off the panic alarm and called 911 immediately.

” A police helicopter was in the air within 3 minutes and police arrived about 10 minutes later and apprehended the individual,” said Susie’s husband, Dr. Howie Mandel.  Apparently the suspect was recently released from LA County jail on the early release program.

Dr. Mandel told the Buzz that the suspect found his way into their yard either by coming over the fence from the June Street frontage or by hopping a fence from John Burroughs (the school was having a festival on campus at the time), or he came to the neighborhood because a home down the block was having a “champagne party” (that home is repeatedly rented out for house parties, and no one has lived there for several years, said Mandel).
“The LAPD were excellent, professional and made us proud to have them protecting our neighborhood,” said Dr. Mandel.
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