Burglar Caught in Brookside on Sunday

Police arrested a burglary suspect in Brookside on Sunday

Thanks to an alert resident, a burglar was caught before he could enter a home in Brookside.  A resident of the 900 block of South Hudson thought something was suspicious when they saw someone walking around their neighbor’s  house around 9 am on Sunday morning.

The resident called the police, who happened to be in the area, and a search for the suspect ensued. At one point, the suspect was cornered hiding in the crawl space under another home. The suspect surrendered to police when police dogs were brought in.  The suspect had in his possession a bag with burglary tools and some items that police suspect could be from another burglary.

“This is a great example of being alert, knowing your neighbors and calling the police, who happened to be close by and were able to apprehend the suspect,” Senior Lead Office Hebel Rodriquez told the Buzz yesterday, adding that it really makes a difference when residents can assist the police.

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