Catalytic Converter Thefts Spike This Week


Over the last few days, neighbors have reported a number of catalytic converter thefts from vehicles in our area.  Yesterday, on November 12, one neighbor in Larchmont Village posted this notice on several social media sites:

Woke up to take my daughter to school only to find that someone (BASTARDS)
had jacked my Prius up RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE and cut the
catalytic converter out. Yep, jacked it up and cut it out of a beat up Prius.
Cost to repair: $3,500.
Toyota of Hollywood says they see 4-6 of these a week.

Later yesterday, LAPD Olympic Division Senior Lead Officer Joe Pelayo confirmed that this was not an isolated incident, and responded with a note to the community:

Olympic area is currently experiencing an increase in catalytic converter thefts within the Larchmont Village and Windsor Square communities. Thieves are targeting the Toyota Prius.  Three incidents were reported overnight on November 11th in Larchmont Village on the just north of Beverly on Norton, Plymouth and Irving.

We recommend parking your vehicles in your driveway or garage. Thieves are jacking up the vehicles to gain access and removing the catalytic converter.  If parking in your driveway, please back in and park close to your home / garage door.  Park in a well-lit area, and turn on your alarm.
Please share this with your friends and neighbors. Report all suspicious persons and activity to 911 immediately.
Officer Pelayo also provided a flier with a bit more information on the thefts (see below).  Please secure your vehicles to the extent possible and continue to report any suspicious activity to LAPD by calling 911 (emergency) or 1-877-ASK-LAPD (non-emergency).  You can reach Officer Pelayo directly at (213) 793-0709.
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