CD4 Discretionary Funds Task Force Seeks New Members

The firs meeting of the CD4 Discretionary Funds Task Force in 2015

When City Council Member David Ryu first ran for office in 2015, it was on a platform of “transparency”…and one of his first efforts after election was to create a Discretionary Funds Task Force, staffed by community members from various parts of the diverse district, to provide input on community funding requests and expenditures.

Repesentatives on the 9-member task force , which meets every two months on the first Tuesday of even-numbered months, serve two-year terms, with half of the members’ terms expiring each year.  Currenty, Ryu is seeking four new members for the task force, to replace the four whose terms are now expiring.

No specific experience is required for task force members, but applicants “should live in Council District 4, and it is highly advisable that they have a track record of community involvement or professional experience dealing with the topic that the appointment covers. In some specific cases dealing with a Citywide issue the residence requirement may be waived based on extensive expertise.”

If you would like to apply, complete the online appointment application and send it, with a current resume and two written references, to

Current task force members now entering the second year of their two-year terms, and who will remain for the coming year, are Brian Pendleton, Tami Kagan-Abrams, Liza Temple, Paulette Light and Jesse Smith.  The four outgoing members are Nahtahna Cabanes, George Skarpelos, Ken Fritz and Julie Stromberg.


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