Curbed LA Reports 52 Developments Ongoing in Koreatown

Curbed LA feature on 52 new projects reshaping Koreatown.

Curbed LA recently reported on 52 developments underway in nearby Koreatown that are transforming the community. Koreatown has always been dense, but lately it seems, it’s getting denser by the minute.

“Much of the area’s development activity is concentrated around the Wilshire corridor, but a number of projects are also popping up to the north and south. And one developer in particular—Jamison Services—seems to be on a mission to singlehandedly reinvent the neighborhood. The firm recently wrapped up work on its first new construction project in the area, and plenty more are on the way.” reported Curbed.

To give a sense of what’s going on in Koreatown, we’ve mapped out all the major developments that have been proposed or are under construction within the busy neighborhood.

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  1. This is terrible! I don’t understand how this can get approved – especially with ge electricity issues along with lack of parking.

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