Recent Collisions Highlight Safety Issues at 6th and Irving


Short red curb length doesn’t provide much clearance for traffic turning onto northbound Irving at 6th St.

Windsor Square neighbor Sharon Lawrence has been keeping the Buzz informed about recent traffic accidents (two in just the last couple of weeks) at the NE corner of 6th and Irving.  According to Lawrence, this is a particularly hazardous intersection for people traveling on 6th  Street and trying to turn north on Irving.  If there are cars parked on both sides of Irving, she said, and southbound traffic waiting on Irving at a red light, there’s often no room for people turning north to enter Irving, and they wind up dangerously stuck in the intersection, waiting for the light to change and the traffic on Irving to clear out.  Also, according to at least one other neighbor, an oversize hedge at the property on the NE corner of the intersection prevents drivers heading east on 6th and turning north on Irving from seeing the jammed up conditions until they actually round the corner…which is often too late.

Caroline Moser, who also lives in the area, says that about five years ago, area residents got together and got the city to install “Right Turn Only” signs at several problem intersections, to stem the flow of traffic onto the narrower residential streets.  She said the signs have helped, but there are other measures that could be taken.

Lawrence says has been talking to police about additional safety measures that could be implemented, and said she would particularly like to see the red curb “no parking” area on northbound Irving increased, to provide more room for turning cars.  The Windsor Square Association’s annual Block Captains meeting will be held tomorrow night, Wednesday, September 30, and Lawrence will be discussing the issue with neighbors and contacts from City Council Member David Ryu’s office at the meeting.

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