Smallish Protest at Getty House, Mayor’s Residence

A small group of protestors gathered across the street from Getty House, the Mayor’s residence in Windsor Square, on Saturday afternoon. Organizer Kevin Dalton is the gentleman in the center with a navy shirt and blue jeans, speaking to a protestor holding a sign.

A small group of people joined a protest at Getty House, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s residence in Windsor Square on Saturday afternoon. But it was indeed, pretty small — according to residents on the scene, there were just as many media and security people as protestors. The protest was organized by Kevin Dalton, a candidate for the 2022 election for Mayor.

Last week Mr. Dalton told the Buzz he was hoping to use the protest to draw attention to the city’s  homelessness crisis.  When we spoke to him today, he told us he was very pleased with the protest, though it was small.

“It was fantastic,” Mr. Dalton told the Buzz. “People brought signs and they brought passion.”

Dalton told the Buzz that he plans to organize some kind of monthly protest to be “in front of the mayor.” He said he is also planning an active clean up or work event so “we can make change that afternoon. We are going to build and grow on what we started on Saturday.”

Thanks to Julia Moser of Windsor Square who photographed the protest for the Buzz.

The number of news photographers and security staff seemed to equal the number of protestors.
Protesters gathered across the street, then marched over to the Getty House with signs displaying various messages.
A protestor at the Getty House on Saturday afternoon.
The protesters in front of Getty House started leaving around 3:15 p.m. on Saturday.



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