Today is the last day to register to vote!

Image from the LA City Clerk’s office

Unlike a number of states where you can register to vote right up to and including the moment you arrive at the polls, California requires voters to register at least 15 ahead of an election.  So that means today – Monday, October 22 – is the deadline to register to vote for the November 6 midterms (in our area, the slate includes both candidates for local, state and national office…plus a whole passel of city, county and state ballot propositions).

While voter turnout nationwide has been notoriously low for even presidential elections (only 58% of eligible voters voted in 2016), the history is even worse for mid-term contests.  According to, “turnout in the 2014 midterm was the lowest since World War II. Just 37% of eligible voters cast ballots, down five points from the 42% of eligible voters who voted in 2010. However, turnout among states varied widely.”

To make your voice heard, you must vote…and to vote, you must be registered.  If you haven’t done so yet, just go to  It’s quick and easy — all you’ll need are:

  • Your California driver license or California identification card number
  • The last four digits of your social security number
  • Your date of birth

Your information will be provided to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to retrieve a copy of your DMV signature.

If you do not have a California driver license or California identification card, you can still use the form to apply to register to vote by completing the online interview by 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time on the 15th calendar day before an election.

Also, if you’re not sure whether or not you’re registered, you can check your status here:

Get registered today…and vote on November 6!

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