Tree Trimming This Week in Hancock Park

Hancock Park is buzzing with City crews are trimming trees this week, this morning they started this morning on Clinton Street between Rossmore and Wilcox in the Hancock Park Cul de Sac.

Urban Forestry Crews are buzzing around Hancock Park this week trimming trees in the neighborhood.  They started early this morning on Clinton Street between Rossmore and Wilcox trimming trees and have blocked off access except for local residents.

Some 34 trees on West Clinton Street in the area known to locals as the Hancock Park Cul de Sac will be getting some long overdue attention from the City’s department of Urban Forestry, according to Urban Forestry Supervisor Mike Trabbie who was out this morning instructing crews on how to trim the trees.

“We try to take a light touch to the Hancock Park trees,” explained Trabbie, who said his crews would be in the area all week working on trees on several blocks of 4th street between Rossmore and Las Palmas.

Residents and other drivers should note the street closures and avoid the area if possible.

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