Hollywood Pop! Popped Up Last Night

Hollywood Pop! at Selma and Ivar opened last night
Hollywood Pop! at Selma and Ivar opened last night

The new pop-up park, Hollywood Pop! at the corner of Selma and Ivar opened last night with festivities to attract passersbys including an opportunity to tell planners what they’d like to see in their neighborhood and how to improve public space in Hollywood.  It’s a laudable gesture to the idea of crowd sourcing from real people walking around the neighborhood and should be interesting to see what results from the effort.

The small space is appointed with colorful cartoon-like furniture offering a place to sit and take in the sights of HollywoodPop!barcodeHollywood with funky directionals signs to get you off to your next icon Hollywood destination. There’s actually a lot of cool things to see in Hollywood that you can’t really appreciate until you get out of your car and start walking around!

The park is on southwest corner of Selma and Ivar, three blocks from the Hollywood & Vine in Hollywood. It was designed by LA- Más, an urban-based L.A. non-profit that blends policy and architecture to create community impact.  Dunn-Edwards provided the paint and Sunburst Rocks provided the gravel.

The park is located on private property and was funded through a joint effort with local Hollywood landowners. The group, known as the Central Hollywood Coalition, is comprised of the leadership of  the Sunset & Vine Business Improvement District  which funds streetscape beautification, street cleaning services, security program and homeless outreach in the area.



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