Fluxus on Larchmont Closing Shop


There’s a “Closing Sale” sign strung across the sidewalk at 202 N. Larchmont Blvd, and we’re sad to see another independent store, Fluxus, closing its doors by the end of the month.

Fluxus 051The Fluxus clothing line was created in 2007 by Martin Paquette, and takes its name from a Latin word meaning “to flow” combining everyday life with artistic style in women’s wear, according to its website. Though the store’s sales team told the Buzz that they don’t have a specific explanation for its closing, they suspect it is due to the weak economy and rising rent. Fluxus once also had a store in Santa Monica which was closed last year.

“We love being a neighborhood store,” store manager Dana told the Buzz. “We have the same customers come in weekly to connect and see what we have on the racks. We are a private label, made completely in LA, known for comfort and style.”

Fluxus is also famous for its Nomad Scarf – an accessory that Oprah Winfrey featured in her “Must Haves for 2011 “. Known for its large size, the Nomad can double as a blanket on an airplane, a cover-up on the beach, or a simple wrap for your neck. Dana from Fluxus demonstrates the Nomad in the short video below.

If you’re a Fluxus fan, get there fast before it closes the end of February.  The store is teaming with shoppers grabbing up the garb – all between 30%-75% off.

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