Obama Motorcade to Travel Rimpau Blvd to Hancock Park

A still captured from film of President Obama's motorcade driving down Rimpau Blvd in Nov 2013.
A still captured from film of President Obama’s motorcade driving down Rimpau Blvd during a visit in Nov 2013.

Larchmont Buzz has learned that President Obama is expected to land by helicopter on the Los Angeles High School football field at approximately 4:30 pm on Wednesday, then travel north on Rimpau via motorcade. LA High is located at 4650 W. Olympic Blvd, on the corner of S. Rimpau Blvd. The President took a similar route in November 2013 during an earlier visit to Hancock Park.

Obama will be attending a democratic fundraiser on Muirfield Road at the home of television producer Shondra Rhimes in Hancock Park. It is expected that Muirfield, Rimpau and Rossmore will be closed off between Third Street and 6th Street during the event. President Obama is expected to return along the same Rimpau route back to LA High at approximately 8 pm.

There is also a large political gathering planned at LA Memorial Library, 4625 W. Olympic Blvd, comprised of people who support net neutrality. That gathering is expected to start assembling at 3 pm on the park grounds in front of the library, and just a block away from Rimpau where the President will pass.

Larchmont Buzz: Traffic Alert: President Obama in Hancock Park

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