O’Grady Endorses Ramsay


(This story was updated at 10:30 p.m. to include additional information.) This afternoon Ramsay announced that California State Contoller Betty Yee made a surprise endorsement for her campaign at the National Women’s Political Caucus breakfast.

“Carolyn has spent more than fifteen years preparing for this job, dedicating herself to serving her community. Carolyn shares my approach to strong fiscal responsibility while protecting critical services neighborhoods count on. Los Angeles needs Carolyn Ramsay as the next Councilwoman. She’ll work to make the budgeting process more transparent, help local businesses succeed, and grow the local economy,” said Yee in a statement released by Ramsay .

Wednesday, Tomás O’Grady announced his endorsement of Carolyn Ramsay in the race for CD 4.  O’Grady finished number 3 in the primary just over 200 votes behind David Ryu. The Los Angeles Democratic Party has endorsed Ryu.

Ramsay thanked O’Grady for his support saying “Steve Lopez at the L.A. Times is right, Tomás is an indefatigable advocate for our communities,” in a message her campaign sent out Wednesday announcing the endorsement.

O’Grady posted the following message on his website.

“A few weeks ago, prior to the primary election, the Los Feliz Ledger asked me that if I were not running, whom would I vote for. I answered, Carolyn Ramsay and here is why.

During our debates, Carolyn was refreshingly honest about what was actually possible. It seemed to me, that she always answered thoughtfully and truthfully rather than simply saying whatever needed to be said to get elected. To me, that speaks to her character.

Our volunteers got to know her folks out on the campaign trail and they were always a class act. They were never negative, always encouraging and many times complimentary. I can only imagine that this tone was set by the candidate.

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of having dinner with Carolyn at Little Doms in Los Feliz. She is smart, passionate, and methodical and above all I think a person who keeps her word. She shared with me her commitment, to protecting our neighborhoods from obscene developments, to being frugal with our public dollars and to help me and others realize our dream of a more sustainable Los Angeles.

I have always been super proud that over 75% of our donations came from zip codes that were in Council District 4. Our funding came from our neighborhoods. Carolyn Ramsay’s campaign had the same kind of local support. Over 72% of her donations came from Council District 4 compared to only 34% for her competitor, David Ryu. I worry about outside money.

I ask you to join me in supporting Carolyn Ramsay for City Council District 4.”

Tomas O’Grady

The David Ryu campaign has been quiet in the week since confirmation of the final vote count; we expect to hear more from his campaign as it moves forward toward the May 19, 2015 election.

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