La Brea

Art Show: Mr. Brainwash Christmas Day

Looking for something to do with out of town guests? Something to send the rest of the house full of family out to do while you put the finishing touches on a Christmas dinner? Or just something to do with the kids to add a little culture to their life? There’s a Christmas Day event that on any other day would probably be impossible to get into…

La Brea Alive

The west side of the 100 South block of La Brea Ave was hopping on Thursday night as throngs of artists and trendsters filled the sidewalks and interiors of the newly-evolving La Brea district for the opening of Shelter Half…[Read more]

Shepard Fairey Paints La Brea Proud

It’s a La Brea renaissance – with all the great spaces opening up on our once-drab, six-lane-wide, auto-centric La Brea Ave, it truly does seem like the private sector is making a SoHo West right here on the eastern edge of Hancock Park.
LaBrea is coming to life… [read more]

Sommelier Edgar Poureshagh Comments on Food and Wine Pairings

As a restaurant, much of what we do revolves around pairing wine to the dishes that we serve. The idea really is quite simple… by finding a beverage (wine) that compliments what we’re eating; we try to create an experience that is even greater than the sum of its parts.Imagine a delicately prepared sea bass with a light relish of lemon juice, shallots, cherry tomatoes, and a touch of freshly [Read more…]