Truly Local Lettuce Coming Our Way?

Get those winter veggies planted in the ground, and pronto.  The LA City Council has an ordinance in process that will allow urban farmers to sell their produce, right down the block. Not only will you soon be able to grow food with the intention to sell, but also to set up a supra-local farmer’s market in your neighborhood to sell what you’ve grown! Talk about locavore heaven. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk down to the Jones’ and pick up a nice fresh head of lettuce for dinner?

The ordinance sets very specific guidelines to ensure neighbors aren’t put out by the potentail mini-markets setting up shop at the end of some driveways, or in the empty lot down the street. A permit will be required, hours of sale will be limited to 7am-7pm, trash will need to be collected and toilet facilities provided, the lot must be cleaned by close of day, noise kept to ambient  levels , lights directed properly, and so on. The full details can be found in the City Planning Commission’s Recommendation Report. 

It gives a whole new meaning to “Homegrown.” Read more about promoting this urban farm-to-table phenomena from Curbed LA or LAist.






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