Property Crime on the Rise Larchmont Village & Windsor Square


LAPD reports an increase in property crime in the Larchmont Village and Windsor Square neighborhoods, according to Joseph Pelayo, Senior Lead Officer of the Olympic Division.

“Over the last three weeks, at least three of the five homes that were broken into were unlocked. The suspect entered the home through an unlocked front door or rear door,” Officer Pelayo told the Buzz. “We encourage and remind the community about locking up their homes and turning on their alarms before leaving or settling down for the evening.”

Keep a watchful eye on bicycles also. A number of bikes have been taken from front porches, backyards and driveways. Just last week, two bikes were taken from the 400 block of North Van Ness. Be sure to lock your car too. A number of car break ins have been reported because the doors are unlocked. Two cars break-ins were reported at 5100 Clinton street last Friday, May 26, one at 9:30 a.m. and another later in the evening at 7 p.m. A home burglary was reported on Wednesday of this week at 300 S. Hudson Avenue.

“Let this serve as a reminder of the importance of locking up their homes and property in order to maintain a safer community,” said Pelayo. “As always, we encourage you to report all suspicious persons / activity to 911 immediately.”

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